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In the realm of the world’s most beloved tabletop roleplaying game, dragons have long cast a formidable shadow over adventurers and Game Masters alike. Yet, their once awe-inspiring presence has dulled with familiarity, becoming mere stock monsters within "Dungeons & Dragons" lore.


Enter The Game Master’s Book of Legendary Dragons, a compendium boasting over two dozen truly legendary beasts. Each dragon within its pages is meticulously crafted with a rich backstory, a storied history, intricate motivations, lair actions, and legendary combat abilities, restoring these iconic creatures to their rightful place as the pinnacle of fantasy adversaries.


These dragons are not merely adversaries; they are the focal point of campaigns, whether serving as the awe-inspiring Big Bad Evil Guy for a climactic high-level showdown or as a subtle yet powerful force guiding the narrative of lower-level adventures.


Furthermore, Game Masters will discover a trove of new dragon-related content, including dragon-kin, drakes, kobolds, and dragon races, alongside fresh organizations, skills, classes, and magic. From the adrenaline-pumping thrill of aerial combat and the allure of dragon riders to the intrigue of dragon cults and the allure of airship options, the supplement offers a wealth of material to enrich any campaign.


With The Game Master's Book of Legendary Dragons at their disposal, Game Masters will find boundless inspiration, while adventurers will embark on countless hours of epic-level Dungeons and Dragonsquests, testing their mettle against the mightiest foes the game has to offer.

The Game Master's Book of Legendary Dragons

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