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Bleach is the debut album from Nirvana released in 1989 on Sub Pop Records. If you're a Nirvana fan then you likely own this album on vinyl or CD. But do you own the cassette tape version? If not, you better rectify that situation pronto. Don't be a negative creep, order yours today!


Only one copy left. This is the copy that was photographed for this listing so it is no longer shrink-wrapped, but it has never been played.


From Used Records & Tapes #4 review zine:

"Nirvana’s debut album, Bleach, was a life changer for a lot of folks when it dropped at the ass-end of the ‘80s, myself included. I spent my last eight bucks on this record over Christmas break the year of its release because I was stuck in the dorm without a copy. It’s hard to believe I could buy this album but was not yet legally able to buy beer, because it is a potent brew of depressive dirges, punk attitude, and a “don’t-give-a-f*ck-bout-nuthin” slacker ethos. The album, famously recorded for $606.17, sold 40,000 copies between its release and the band’s major label debut two years later. That’s kind of astronomical for an underground band, but nowhere close to the nearly 2 million copies it would sell in a post-Nevermind world. Every song is a stoner burnout classic and it sounds great on cassette too, because why wouldn’t it?"

Nirvana - Bleach - Cassette Tape

SKU: SUB70034.4