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Superfuzz Bigmuff is the EP from Mudhoney released by Sub Pop Records in 1988. Own the cassette version of this dirty, snarly, and, dare I say grungey record. It set the stage for the band's self-titled follow-up album released the following year.


From Used Records & Tapes #4 review zine:

"Superfuzz Bigmuff couldn’t be better named because the effects pedals for which it is named are themselves so aptly named. This six-song EP is a snarly combination of cheese-grater vocals and scuzzed-out guitars. A multi-sensory version of this release would smell like beer and taste like bongwater but also vice versa. With classic songs such as “Touch Me I’m Sick,” “Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More,” and “In ‘n’ Out of Grace,” this album helped set the template for a genre that didn’t even know it existed yet. Superfuzz Bigmuff sounds just as nasty and glorious today as it did back in the day."

Mudhoney - Superfuzz Bigmuff - Cassette

SKU: SUB70044.4