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The Screaming Life/Fopp is a compilation album by the American rock band (let's just call it grunge and get it over with, ok?) Soundgarden combines their debut EPs in their entirety into a single release. It was originally released on May 11, 1990 on Sub Pop Records. This is a brand-new shrink-wrapped cassette.


From Used Records & Tapes #4 review zine:

"To complete this sacred trilogy of grunge, I submit to you Screaming Life/Fopp. This EP, released in 1990, is a comp. featuring two of the band’s EPs from the late ‘80s. It’s metal in slow-mo with Sabbath-paced songs and a cleaner sound than that of most of Soundgarden’s fellow grunge bands. Either way, it’s as heavy as the best of them and, as the Chris Cornell photo on the cover attests,  hair was also on proud display. The menace of “Hunted Down,” the band’s first single, and its b-side “Nothing to Say” are tense and menacing. I was always partial to “Little Joe” and its line “Go to where the reptiles roam. They’re waiting for you, Little Joe,” (probably due to the reptile reference) and if a grunge band wants to cover a funky Ohio Players tune like “Fopp,” more power to ‘em."

Soundgarden - Screaming Life/Fopp - Cassette

SKU: SUB71065.4