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Cartoonist Noah Van Sciver skillfully employs his creative prowess in this enthralling compilation encompassing fiction, biography, memoir, and more. Within its pages, Van Sciver skillfully weaves fictional tales envisioning the life of a "19th Century Cartoonist" alongside autobiographical strips chronicling his experiences as a modern cartoonist. Interspersed are reflections on his father and childhood, providing insight into the trajectory of his chosen path.


The result is a consistently humorous narrative, with Van Sciver approaching his own life with a lighthearted touch, yet delving into profound themes such as the measurement of happiness and success, the tendency to define oneself by career, and the occasional loss of sight of life's essential aspects.


Van Sciver's work exudes a passion for the history and art of cartooning reminiscent of Art Spiegelman, a Lynda Barryesque exploration of the true meaning of creativity, and a Harvey Pekar-like resilience in navigating life's challenges. The book is adorned with full-color illustrations throughout, enhancing the overall visual and narrative experience.

As a Cartoonist - Noah Van Sciver - Graphic Novel

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  • Noah Van Sciver

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