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About RoosterCow Media

RoosterCow Media is run by me, Chris Auman. It includes a small press (RoosterCow Press, est. 2014), a web store (RoosterCow Shop, est. 2022), and a micro record label (RoosterCow Records, est. 2001). I am based in Chicago, IL. 

RoosterCow Store

The RoosterCow Store is a curated collection of things I think are cool. There are publications from RoosterCow Press and releases from RoosterCow Records, of course, but there's also an assortment of zines, comics, and books, as well as toys, collectibles, gift boxes, t-shirts, mugs, accessories, and music releases by friends and collaborators. The inventory is always changing so check back often.

RoosterCow Press

RoosterCow Press was established in 2014 with the publication of the 22nd issue of Reglar Wiglar zine. Since then I have published a few dozen titles of zines and comics including Used Records & Tapes, Gray Flag, Forgotten Music Masters, and The Air Waves Goodbye, to name a few. Join the RoosterCow Club and never miss a new publication.

RoosterCow Records

RoosterCow Records officially began in 2001 with the release of Reagan National Crash Diet’s debut album Administration. The band wanted to have something to promote on a short tour we did of the Midwest that year. We made 500 bulk CDs, had a friend silkscreen the covers, and then assembled them in jewel cases. While the RoosterCow origins go back much further, it became a real label at this point. Since 2001, I have released dozens of CDs, 7-inch records, digital releases, one LP, and one cassette. While I don’t have the time or resources to run a proper label, the work goes on usually in digital formats and mostly on Bandcamp.


What's on your mind? It might be on my mind too.

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