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Reglar-Wiglar 30th Anniversary

30 Years of Reglar Wiglar Magazine

Welcome to the digital home of the Reglar Wiglar. It's a fact that 2023 marks the 30-year anniversary of this esteemed publication. 

I have a few publications planned to celebrate this historic achievement. For example, things start off early in the year with reprints of issues #22-24. 


I also have two new issues planned for summer and fall publication. There may even be a party somewhere to mark this remarkable event of three decades of publication, but that is both TBD, TBA, and up in the air. 

Visit the Reglar Wiglar Digital Archives

For content from the past 30 years, including interviews, articles, parodies, record reviews, and all manner of assorted nonsense, visit The Archives.

Shop the RoosterCow Store

For Reglar Wiglar back issues, as well as comics, zines, and music from me or other creators, visit the RoosterCow Store.

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