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Issue number 28 of Chris Auman's long-running zine Reglar Wiglar is now available. This full-color zine printed in the standard comic-book format looks great and features part two of "A Portrait of the Artist as a (Very) Young Man," where Auman critiques his childhood artwork from the viewpoint of a "famous art critic". Sucky the parasitic worm also returns to offer more sage advice, this time to those looking to live on the cheap. Fans of heavy metal heroes Metallica will enjoy former POTUS Donald Trump's favorite songs, albums, and band members. Plus a new Cassetty comic! 


Visit the Reglar Wiglar website!

Reglar Wiglar #28 zine by Chris Auman

  • 6.7 x 10.2 in. Full color, satin finish cover, color throughout, stapled, 80 lb paper, 100 lb matte laminate cover

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