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Chris Auman's Reglar Wiglar zine continues its comeback with the second installment of Auman's Jobs Trilogy which includes time spent as a dishwasher, telemarketer, and law clerk, as well as a brief stint serving a First Cook aboard a historic Mississippi riverboat. Also, more Forgotten American Music Masters, Donald Trump reviews Justin Bieber, comics, and more.


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Reglar Wiglar #23 zine by Chris Auman

  • Digest 5.5" x 8.5" portrait. 36 pages. Black & white, glossy paper throughout.  B&W cover with matte lamination finish.

  • Hilarious account of Auman's job history sprinkled with witty banter about several musical venues and acts as well as other miscellany. This zine is particularly funny if you happen to be a Chicago native.—Quimby's

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