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If you took all the bands the members of the Clerics have been in over the years and laid them end to end, they'd reach Milwaukee! Magnae Quassationes (that's Latin for "Great Shakes") was recorded by Scott Ramsayer at Two Rooms Studios in Chicago in June of 2005. After fermenting for over a year in the overdub and mixing process, this batch of guitar-laden rock was released to an unsuspecting public.

The Clerics - Magnae Quassationes CD

SKU: RC009
  • The Clerics

  • "Describing the Chicago Sound is difficult, but hearing The Clerics leaves zero doubt that they are a band from these parts. This quartet, which has just released the irresistible "Magnae Quassationes" (Roostercow), has an approach that fits that weird Chicago post-rock sound, which is the aural equivalent of visiting a very familiar room after someone has moved all the furniture six inches to the right. It's all there, but something is just a bit off.

    This is guitar rock based in power pop, sort of a Kinks meet the Beatles while in a telephone booth with Gastr Del Sol and U.S. Maple. Crowded and busy, to be sure. Weird? You betcha. But also beautiful, melodic and very catchy." Kevin Williams, Chicago Tribune