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The Clash aspired to change the world, although their efforts never achieved that grand goal. However, in their pursuit, they crafted some of the most remarkable rock music in history.


Conversations with The Clash were captivating and infused with the fervor of punk's revolutionary spirit. They engaged with the media in a manner unlike any other rock group before or since, treating interviews as if they were addressing the entire nation. While their statements were welcomed, they were rarely reported without a critical eye. The extensive archives of The Clash's interviews are brimming with controversy and provide a snapshot of a uniquely introspective and turbulent era in modern history. This compendium includes The Clash's interactions with some of the most brilliant music writers of their time, such as Lester Bangs, Nick Kent, Mikal Gilmore, Chris Salewicz, Charles Shaar Murray, Mick Farren, Kris Needs, and Lenny Kaye.


Whether it was their encounters with sympathetic outlets like the punk fanzine Sniffin' Glue, their tense meetings with correspondents from revered UK weeklies like New Musical Express, Melody Maker, and Sounds, or their friendlier but equally eyebrow-raising discussions with American publications like Creem and Rolling Stone, The Clash consistently generated content that lived up to their title as "The Only Band That Matters."

The Clash on the Clash: Interviews and Encounters

  • Sean Egan