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Black Flag stands as the trailblazers of American Hardcore, and the Spray Paint the Walls book is their tumultuous tale painted with blood.


Originating in Hermosa Beach, California, in 1978, they relentlessly crafted and performed raw, unapologetic music for eight intense years, navigating a self-appointed tour circuit encompassing America's clubs, squats, and community halls. Engaging in battles on multiple fronts, they clashed with the police, the record industry, and even their own fanbase. Overseas tours were undertaken on meager budgets, utilizing beaten-up trucks and vans.


Spray Paint the Walls delves deep into Black Flag's narrative, offering an insider's perspective through exclusive interviews with band members, contemporaries, and those they inspired. It's the chronicle of Henry Rollins, tracing his evolution from a devoted fan to an iconic frontman. Equally, it unravels the story of Greg Ginn, who transformed his electronics company into one of the world's most influential independent record labels, all while leading Black Flag from punk's three-chord frenzy into the realms of heavy metal and free-jazz. The book features over 30 photos of the band captured by Glen E. Friedman, Edward Colver, and other notable photographers.

Spray Paint the Walls: The Story of Black Flag book

  • Stevie Chick

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