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Tom Gauld is back with Revenge of the Librarians — his sharpest and most incisive assortment of literary cartoons to date. Impeccably crafted illustrations are interspersed with the artist's characteristic wit, targeting both high and low culture. Whether poking fun at Jane Eyre or Game of Thrones, Gauld navigates the literary landscape with ease.


His satire takes aim at various figures, from the pompous procrastinating novelist to the commercially driven editor and the intentionally obscure poet. Witness the towering stack of bedside books, tremble at the relentless writer's elusive deadlines, and shrink before the critic's razor-sharp analysis of the manuscript. Most importantly, feel the pangs of envy in the face of the paragon of creative productivity!


Revenge of the Librarians surpasses even the levels of murder, drubbing, and castigation found in Gauld's previous works like "The Department of Mind-Blowing Theories" and "Baking with Kafka." This latest collection is a testament to Gauld's unmatched brilliance in delivering biting commentary through his distinctive illustrations.

Revenge of the Librarians by Tom Gauld


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