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The Hip Hop Family Tree graphic novel by Ed Piskor, serves as a captivating and comprehensive account of the foundational years of the music genre that revolutionized global culture. Originally serialized on the immensely popular Boing Boing website, each volume is artfully presented and packaged in a style reminiscent of Marvel comics from the same era.


Piskor's spirited yet disciplined cartooning skillfully transports readers from the South Bronx's parks and rec rooms to the thriving nightclubs, recording studios, and radio stations where the hip-hop scene began to flourish. The panels vividly capture the essence of late-1970s New York City, brimming with meticulously authentic details.


With a dynamic and engaging approach blending Ken Burns' documentary style with Stan Lee's storytelling flair, Piskor meticulously researches and lovingly depicts the battles, rivalries, technical innovations, triumphs, and failures that defined the era. Much like the acclaimed hip-hop documentaries Style Wars and Scratch, Hip Hop Family Tree stands as an indispensable cultural chronicle, making it a must-read for hip-hop enthusiasts, pop-culture aficionados, and anyone curious about the roots of this transformative musical movement.


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Hip Hop Family Tree graphic novel by Ed Piskor

  • Ed Piskor

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