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The David Bowie - Low Mug is the perfect vessel to enjoy your favorite beverage while listening to this great album.


Rooted in art rock and experimental rock Low is David Bowie's initial foray into electronic and ambient genres. The first side predominantly features concise avant-pop song fragments with introspective lyrics mirroring Bowie's emotional state, while the second side consists of lengthier, primarily instrumental tracks that capture the musical essence of Berlin. 


Continuing the avant-garde trajectory set by Station to Station but unequivocally departing from David Bowie's musical past, Low stands as a complex and challenging album that solidified his position at the forefront of rock innovation. Fueled by dissonant synthesizers and electronic elements, Low is characterized by a dichotomy between concise, angular songs and expansive atmospheric instrumentals. In the first half of the record, guitars wield a jagged edge, synthesizers resonate with a menacing robotic pulse, and Bowie's vocals are intricately layered and overdubbed. As the instrumental segment unfolds, the electronic elements take on a cooler tone, providing a welcome contrast to the intensity of the preceding avant-pop section.

David Bowie - Low Mug

SKU: MGA82137
  • Weight: 1 lb (453.59 g), 11-ounce dishwasher- and microwave-safe ceramic mug. 

    Dimensions: 18 x 12 x 2 in (45.7 x 30.5 x 5.1 cm)

    Packaged in gift box.

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