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Give all your records a spin on a David Bowie - Aladdin Sane Record Slip mat.


Aladdin Sane marked David Bowie's inaugural album written and released during his ascendancy to stardom. Creating new material on the late 1972 US tour, several tracks on the album bear the imprint of his experiences in America and reflections on the country.


Aladdin Sane is a peculiar and exhilarating fusion of lounge jazz, experimentation, and full-fledged pop masterpieces. "Watch That Man," "Cracked Actor," "Lady Grinning Soul," "Aladdin Sane," "Time," "The Jean Genie," and "Drive-In Saturday" collectively form a remarkable collection of tunes.


Turntable slip mats play a crucial role in isolating vinyl records from vibrations and shocks that may be transmitted through the turntable. This isolation is particularly vital in high-fidelity audio setups, where the quality of sound reproduction can be significantly impacted by unwanted vibrations.


It's important to note the distinction between slip mats and turntable platter mats. While turntable platter mats are positioned directly on the turntable platter, serving as a protective surface for the record, slip mats are placed on top of platter mats. Slip mats directly engage with the underside of the vinyl record during playback, offering additional benefits in terms of reducing friction and isolating vibrations for an optimal listening experience.

David Bowie - Aladdin Sane Record Slip Mat

SKU: GP85851
  • 12” diameter