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This is the full-color, hard-cover edition of Stephen R. Bissette's Thoughtful Creatures. This collective of multi-format color, wash, and black-and-white drawings presents an astonishing A to Z compendium of over 160 pages, featuring creatures of every shape, size, and appetite, brought to life by the talented artist Stephen R. Bissette, known for his work on Swamp Thing and Tyrant®.


Within the pages of this mesmerizing book, creatures from all corners of imagination leap out at you. From abominable snowmen to zombies, from demons to dinosaurs, from shapeshifters to swampsters, from kaiju to killers, and beyond. Each one is meticulously rendered with unwavering passion and attention to detail.


With a striking cover created collaboratively by Bissette and digital designer/colorist Adam A. Blue, an introduction penned by graphic novelist Dylan Horrocks, and impeccably designed by artist/author/graphic novelist Mark Masztal, "Thoughtful Creatures" offers the first-ever compilation of Bissette's personal sketches and illustrations in book format. 

Stephen R. Bissette's Thoughtful Creatures

  • Stephen R. Bissette