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Join Ben Snakepit in Snake Pit: 2007 for his daily escapades depicted in three-panel comic strips, delving into a world brimming with beer, weed, work, concerts, tours, love, and monster-filled parties. With a sincere and heartfelt artistic approach, Ben captures the essence of his highs and lows, inviting readers to empathize with his experiences. Each illustrated day is accompanied by a glimpse into his soundtrack, offering a multi-sensory journey through his life. Gone are the quarterly and bi-monthly formats; now, each year is encapsulated in a single, sleek paperback volume, reminiscent of the series' humble beginnings.


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Snake Pit: 2007 comic by Ben Snakepit

  • Ben Snakepit

  • Full-color cover, 96 B&W pages, 6" x 9"