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White Elephants: On Yard Sales, Relationships, & Finding Out What Was Missing book by Katie Haegele details the author's love of rummage sales and thrifting.


At yard sales and flea markets, amidst the odd and antiquated, Katie Haegele discovers a profound love for white elephants and other discarded treasures. In this endearing memoir, she unveils how these relics serve as catalysts for rekindled friendships and strengthened family ties.


Beyond the trinkets and lamps, Haegele uncovers unexpected treasures: a renewed bond with her mother, a deeper understanding of her late father, and even a hint of romance. Through tales of personal growth and resilience, she illustrates the transformative power of seemingly insignificant encounters, weaving a heartwarming narrative of empowerment amidst life's challenges.

White Elephants book by Katie Haegele

  • Katie Haegele