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Slip of the Tongue: Talking About Language book by Katie Haegele delves into a myriad of linguistic themes through personal anecdotes, this insightful memoir delves into how language serves as a tool for communication, artistic expression, and even survival.


The book embarks on a journey from the author's familial linguistic heritage to her growth as a feminist and artist, all against the vibrant backdrop of Philadelphia. With a personal touch and engaging tone, the narrative seamlessly weaves together past and present, incorporating research, interviews, and reflections on digital advancements and the current landscape of English. Departing from the confines of academia, this contemplative exploration of language blends scholarly rigor with heartfelt sincerity, rendering a captivating portrayal of its multifaceted role in our lives.

Slip of the Tongue book by Katie Haegele

  • Katie Haegele