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Snakepit Gets Old comic by Ben Snakepit chronicles the author/artist's day-to-day existence from 2010 through 2012. 


Ben Snakepit is back with a fresh collection of daily diary comics, chronicling years of his life in the familiar three-panel format. With each day's entry, whether mundane or momentous, a narrative unfolds as recurring characters populate his world - from the drudgery of Some Shitty Job to the comfort of the local tacqueria or home. Aptly titled, Ben's journey transitions from youthful antics to the weighty responsibilities of adulthood, encompassing band breakups, career shifts, medical procedures like kidney stone removal, and much more. It's an existential ride that manages to be both mature and entertaining, suitable for audiences 18+ yet enjoyable for the entire family.


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Snakepit Gets Old comic by Ben Snakepit

  • Ben Snakepit