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In his post-apocalyptic comic, Daygloayhole, Ben Passmore emerges from his gestational cockroach form, having been rejected by his half-ghost lover and feeling as though he's perhaps learned a little bit more about himself. But as soon as he spots that pornographic river floating by, his behavior returns to normal.


In the post-apocalyptic wasteland of Ben Passmore, it's another neon-colored night. Three hipster demons dwell in a loft inside a huge robot, guarded by an army of mutant police, and eat any form of culture that their fleet of drones pick up. Things start to get personal when they steal Ben's river of porn.


To find food and porn (you know, the essentials), which they believe are being kept hostage by culture-devouring hipster demons hiding in the skull of a towering robot, Ben and NoLimitz must battle past an army of mutant cops and some difficult family matters.

Daygloayhole #3 by Ben Passmore

  • 40 full-color pages, 6.625″ X 10.187″

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