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RoosterCow News: Summer 2023

While the publication schedule slowed a bit this spring, activity did not. For example, RoosterCow represented at Print & Resist Zine Fest in Madison, WI in April. It made for a great birthday weekend and I was able to trade with fellow zine makers and comics artists from all over the Midwest.

As 2023 marks the 30-year anniversary of the Reglar Wiglar zine, I also did some long-overdue work on the Reglar Wiglar website and added new interviews too. Plus, Reglar Wiglar #29 saw the light of day. This issue completes the 3-issue series printed in the standard comic book format.

In addition to RoosterCow titles, I’ve also curated a small collection of zines and comics from other indie publishers (Birdcage Bottom Books, Silver Sprocket, and Microcosm Publishing) which are available for sale in the RoosterCow Store.

To learn more about all of this, read the RoosterCow News!


Reglar Wiglar #29

Reglar Wiglar #29 cover

Reglar Wiglar #29 features the third installment of "Portrait of the Artist as a (Very) Young Man", an interview with The Woodrows (the world’s most notorious punk band), another BeeBop and LuBop comic “adventure,” plus the conclusion of "Cassetty Visits the Easy Speaker," and more!

Now hold on a minute! Did you miss Reglar Wiglar #27 and #28? Don’t fret. You can get all 3 full-color comics-format issues for one low price.

Covers for Reglar Wiglar #27-29


Join the RoosterCow Club

Join the RoosterCow Club

Cock-a-doodle-moo and thank you to all the trendsetters who signed up for the RoosterCow Club for 2023. I hope you flash your membership card at every opportunity. Doing so will impress friends, family, and coworkers for sure. If you have not joined yet, doing so saves money on new titles, which you’ll receive before they go on sale in the RoosterCow Store. And there’s FREE shipping too!


New in the RoosterCow Store

Visit the RoosterCow Store

I recently curated a selection of zine and comics titles from writers and artists who are doing cool stuff. Check out the RoosterCow Store for books by Desmond Reed (Cola Pop Creemees), Corinne Halbert (Acid Nun), Ben Passmore (Daygloayhole), James The Stanton (Gnartoons), Caroline Cash (PeePee PooPoo), Liz Mason (Caboose), and more!

Acid Nun

Acid Nun graphic novel by Corinne Halbert

Lushly illustrated with influences from spiritual iconography and psychedelic imagery, Corinne Halbert crafts an unflinching yet compassionate story about pain, rage, and the blessings we can give ourselves. 18+ only. Order Now!

The Cola Pop Creemees: Opening Act

Cola Pop Creemees comic by Desmond Reed

This colorful graphic novel from Desmond Reed treats readers to a collection of seven stories centered around the five pathos-filled members of the eponymous psychedelic rock band, The Cola Pop Creemees. Order Now!

Caboose #14: My Canadian Boyfriend

Caboose #14:  My Canadian Boyfriend (Cory Hart)

This book-length issue of Liz Mason's long-running zine Caboose (subtitled "My Canadian Boyfriend") is the result of an adolescent obsession with Canadian rocker Corey "Sunglasses at Night” Hart. Funny, nostalgic, and detailed, fans of Corey Hart and 80s pop music will find a lot to love. Order Now!


30 Years of Reglar Wiglar

30 Years of Reglar Wiglar Magazine

Yes, you read that right, 2023 marks the 30-year anniversary of Reglar Wiglar. Check out the Reglar Wiglar website for new interviews with comics and zines creators, bands, and musicians such as Desmond Reed, Corinne Halbert, Ben Snakepit, Thomas Comerford, Greg & Fake (Santos Sisters) and Liz Mason!


New from RoosterCow Records

Junior Wing EP - Team Satan

Team Satan - Junior Wing EP

Recorded in a basement during the summer of 1997, Team Satan used this 5-song EP was used to get the band gigs — or maybe it prevented them from getting gigs. Either way, it’s raw, raucous, and available to stream on the RoosterCow Bandcamp page. “Judging from their Jr. Wing EP, Team Satan is on a mission to bring back the mosh pit—and success is only a few gigs away. They've got a great name and an old-fashioned punk rock sound — minimalist yet kinetic chord progressions, rapid fire vocals and profanity buried underneath incredibly low production values. The formula works…”—ILLINOIS ENTERTAINER

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