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RoosterCow Press News: Fall 2023

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

Summer is officially over, but you wouldn’t know it around here. Eighty-degree weather in Chicago in October?! Not a fan. At this point, we should be wearing sweaters and bobbing for apples. Speaking of apples, like crisp apples floating in an unsanitary tub of water, there are two new titles available to bob for, or at least to pre-order (see below). RoosterCow Club members will get theirs first which is another fantastic reason to sign up. (Not a member? Join today!). Two RoosterCow Press publications are available for pre-order and there are many new comics, zines, and vinyl additions in the RoosterCow Store as well, so check them out! Happy Fall, Boo, and all that!


Forgotten Music Masters

Forgotten Music Masters by Chris Auman and Deron Grams

If you’ve never of heard of folk singer Seedy Jeffries or country music star Wilma Tilly, Forgotten Music Masters is for you. On the other hand, if you have heard of rock and blues stars like Mo Fidley and Bertha Mae Mantis, or are familiar with the very short-lived genre of skaffle (skiffle meets ska), then this book is also for you. Forgotten Music Masters is a compact encyclopedia of overlooked and no longer appreciated music legends. Painstakingly researched by Chris Auman and Deron Grams.


Cities by Chris Auman

Cities is a companion book to Maps. This 28-page book features the skylines of the largest, most beautiful cities in the world. Not this world. Some other one.


30 Years of Reglar Wiglar

30 Years of Reglar Wiglar

All print issues of Reglar Wiglar have been digitized and will be added to the archives of the Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM) the “premier online resource for music researchers.” Was it fun scanning 30 years’ worth of zines? Not especially, but it’s an honor to be included.


New in the RoosterCow Press Store

Shop the RoosterCow Store

Dispatches from the Church of the Unanswered Question #1

Dispatches from the Church of the Unanswered Question #1

The Church of the SubGenius is alive and well as the good Reverend Xenofact can attest. J.R. "Bob" Dobbs would be proud of this 16-page zine that supports the SubGenius Foundation and spreads its message to the world. ORDER

PeePee PooPoo #69

PeePee PooPoo Comics by Caroline Cash

2022 Ignatz Award Winner for Outstanding Minicomic! Chicago comics creator Caroline Cash has become an influential figure in the indie comic scene for her comics that depict the everyday life of a twenty-something art school grad living in the Windy City. ORDER


Gnartoons by James the Stanton

Introducing the highly anticipated compilation of James Stanton's adored Gnartoons comics! Stanton's signature whimsical humor dances across the pages of each beautifully illustrated comic vignette, now thoughtfully showcased in a deluxe hardcover edition. ORDER

100 Columns for Razorcake: 2003-2020

100 Columns for Razorcake: 2003-2020 by Ben Snakepit

Get the complete collection of Ben Snakepit's comics from Razorcake magazine! Snakepit covers the basic principles of DIY punk living from 2003 to 2020. Read the Reglar Wiglar interview with Ben Snakepit.


OFF White Records

More good news for rock historians. RoosterCow has obtained a recently unearthed treasure trove of vinyl 7-inch records and LPs. Released in the ‘90s on OFF White Records, these gems include recordings by Chicago bands/musicians Vambo Marble Eye, Smitten, Paul Johnson, Caboose, and the Dick Bradish Band. RoosterCow Resident Artist Mike Dixon provided the artwork for most of these releases.



New digital releases will be added to the RoosterCow Bandcamp page in the coming months, so hit that follow button and stay informed!

NEW SCHOOL DETECTIVES “Yo, Maurice!” Digital single

New School Detectives Yo Maurice digital single

We all see a little better with hindsight. Invisible City’s foremost hip-hop crew deliver their debut single and it’s funky AF.



3-song digital EP

Rat Blood 3 song EP digital release

If that post-party beer puddle in your basement had a sound, it’d sound like Rat Blood. Recorded in the early aughts, these recordings were thought to have been lost, until now. Rat Blood featured Mike Dixon and Benny Bongos (both of Empire Smalls), Todd Rittmann (U.S. Maple, Dead Rider), and Ray St. Ray (The Singing Cb Driver).

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