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Mike Wing Discography

Mike Wing

Art School

Stupid and Young cassette [no label] 1987

No Pain, No Gain cassette [no label] 1988

Art School 5-song vinyl EP [City Slang] 1989









New Rob Robbies


Nuts and Balls 10" vinyl EP [Mind of a Child] 1994*

Vambo Marble Eye


Two Trick PonyCD and Cassette [OFF White] 1993

Taco Gorilla - vinyl LP [OFF White] 2000




7" Singles & EPs

"Half Step To Your One" b/w "Seventh Street" - 7" [City Slang] 1991

"Plant" b/w "The Jones" 7" - clear vinyl [OFF White] 1993

"Pig Day" b/w "Jack Fallen" - split 7" w/New Rob Robbies [OFF White] 1994

Pop Goes The Vambo - 7" EP [OFF White] 1995

Cornfed7" EP [OFF White] 1995*

Compilation Tracks

“Ritchie Soup” Music of Chicago 3 [Simon Song Records] 1996?

“Fucking Around” Beluga on the Rocks Round 2 [Beluga] 1998

Team Satan

7" Singles, EPs & Comps

"Devil Made Us Do It" b/w "1996" - 7" [OFF White] 1997

Junior Wing EP - cassette 1997 digital EP 2023 [RoosterCow]

“(You’re So) Apocalyptic" - song on 60 in 73 Bands CD compilation [No!No!] 2000


A Little More Down - digital LP [SFR/RoosterCow] 2013*


OFF-White 4-Song Sampler "Clown/No Resolve" - 7-inch EP [OFF White] 1997*

Booker Noe

Mother's Day demo cassette/CD [no label]


Sheep digital LP 2011 [no label]

The Blind Owl digital LP 2014 [no label]*

Harvey Knuckles

Dinero LP CD [Mars Motors] 2007

Art School No Pain, No Gain cassette cover
Vambo Marble Eye - Taco Gorilla cover
Off-White sampler EP cover
Harvey Knuckles cover
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