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Ultramega #1 comic takes inspiration from the tokusatsu heroes and kaijus of the Japanese Ultraman franchise. James Harren, known for his work in BPRD and Rumble comics, presents Ultramega, infused with Lovecraftian horror elements.


In a world ravaged by a cosmic plague, ordinary people morph into violent, monstrous kaiju. Only the Ultramega, three individuals endowed with extraordinary powers, stand between humanity and utter chaos. Their battles reshape cities and unleash unimaginable terror. As the final showdown looms, can the Ultramega emerge victorious?


Fans familiar with my blog know of my admiration for James Harren, particularly his dynamic portrayal of action scenes, characterized by dramatic poses and energetic speed-lines. His skill in illustrating both the beautiful and the macabre, including intricate innards and otherworldly tentacles, is truly remarkable.


Ultramega #1 comic

  • James Harren, Dave Stewart

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