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The first chapter in The Clerics long and storied history. From the ashes of the New Rob Robbies came this delicious platter of lo-fi gold.

The Clerics - 4-song 7-in EP

SKU: RC004
  • The Clerics

  • Describing the Chicago Sound is difficult, but hearing The Clerics leaves zero doubt that they are a band from these parts. This quartet, which has just released the irresistible "Magnae Quassationes" (Roostercow), has an approach that fits that weird Chicago post-rock sound, which is the aural equivalent of visiting a very familiar room after someone has moved all the furniture six inches to the right. It's all there, but something is just a bit off.

    This is guitar rock based in power pop, sort of a Kinks meet the Beatles while in a telephone booth with Gastr Del Sol and U.S. Maple. Crowded and busy, to be sure. Weird? You betcha. But also beautiful, melodic and very catchy. Chicago Tribune

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