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Picture this scene: You're nestled in your cherished Denver dive bar, the ambiance thick with familiarity and camaraderie. Suddenly, two towering country-boy brothers take the stage, their voices weaving Seals & Crofts melodies with such seamless harmony it's like golden honey dripping from a tipped pot. But as quickly as they serenade, they find themselves entwined in a feverish bout of Freestyle grappling on the floor.


Zach Boddicker's Rise of the Haugenberrys novel is the epic tale of the Haugenberrys – a unique, fated, and ultimately ill-fated musical duo. Along their journey toward stardom, they gather a motley crew of eccentric allies, each adding their own flavor to the mix. It's a saga marked by the magnetism of destiny, as this band of misfits propels the big brothers toward the elusive heights of fame.


Read the Reglar Wiglar interview with Zach Boddicker conducted after the publication of The Essential Carl Mahogany.

Rise of the Haugenberrys novel by Zach Boddicker

  • Written by Zach Boddicker, Illustrated by Charly Fasano

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