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Give your metal records a spin on a Metallica - Master of Puppets record slip mat.


"Master of Puppets" is the third studio album by the American heavy metal band Metallica. It was released on March 3, 1986, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest and most influential albums in the heavy metal genre. The album marked a pivotal moment in Metallica's career, solidifying their status as one of the leading bands in the metal scene.


This circular pad was designed to be placed on the turntable platter beneath a vinyl record. It serves several purposes in the context of vinyl record playback. For one thing. it reduces friction so the record rotates smoothly on the turntable platter. This reduces the chances of static build-up and minimizes wear on both the record and the turntable stylus (needle).


Turntable slip mats also help isolate the record from vibrations and shocks that may be transmitted through the turntable. This isolation is essential in high-fidelity audio setups, as vibrations can affect the quality of sound reproduction.


Slip mats are distinct from turntable platter mats, which are placed directly on the turntable platter and serve as a protective surface for the record. Slip mats are placed on top of platter mats and directly interact with the underside of the vinyl record during playback.

Metallica - Master of Puppets Record Slip Mat

SKU: GP85849
  • 12” diameter

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