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Since his tragic heroin overdose in 1980, Darby Crash has come to symbolize the rebellious spirit of punk. However, his posthumous fame has often overshadowed the groundbreaking contributions of his punk band, the Germs. To shed light on the true story behind the myth, Mullen, together with former Germs drummer Don Bolles and writer Adam Parfrey, swiftly dismantles the enigma surrounding Crash and created their Lexicon Devil book detailing the life and death of Darby Crash. What emerges is a portrait of a troubled and conflicted individual who battled with drug addiction and his sexual orientation.


Drawing on candid testimonies from Crash's contemporaries within the burgeoning West Coast punk scene of the 1970s, the book provides a balanced portrayal of the singer and the subculture that nurtured him. While Crash's devoted followers were notorious for their almost cult-like devotion, the book reveals him as a self-aware outsider who employed psychological tactics to attract his followers.

Lexicon Devil: The Fast Times and Short Life of Darby Crash and the Germs book

  • Brendan Mullen (Editor), Don Bolles (Collaborator), Adam Parfrey (Collaborator)