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Welcome to the RoosterCow Quarterly Newsletter Holiday Edition!

Welcome to the RoosterCow Quarterly Newsletter Holiday Edition!

The RoosterCow Store has a lot of great items for you to cram under the tree and stuff into stockings this holiday season.

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So, until our capitalist system finally, completely crumbles, let’s all be good consumers and support small businesses and independent artists! Use this coupon code at checkout and save 15% on your order: MOO2023 Good through the end of the year. But first, check out the following tips on how to deal with stress this holiday season.

5 Ways to Deal with Soul-Crushing Holiday Stress

Person struggling with holiday stress

The holidays are an incredibly stressful, soul-destroying time of year.

One of the biggest anxiety-filled challenges is buying gifts for loved ones — and not just for loved ones, but for our family members too. Follow the tips below to reduce your stress during these dark times.


  1. Relax in a hot bath with a copy of a zine or comic from RoosterCow Press.

  2. Do some yoga, then read a book purchased from the RoosterCow Store.

  3. Exercise while listening to music downloaded from the RoosterCow Records Bandcamp page.

  4. Drink an entire pot of hot tea and enjoy a hand-painted gift box from the RoosterCow Store.

  5. Pet the nearest animal … and then immediately buy something from the RoosterCow Store.

If gift-buying decisions send your stress levels through the roof, consider giving a gift card instead.


Help Santa De-stress!

Santa stuck in the chimney

Santa is stressed out. It’s not because of lingering inflation, polarizing politics, or the looming threat of World War III. It’s just that he hates Christmas! He’s not a fan of elves and their antics. He's deathly afraid of heights, and he is tired of staring at the ass-end of reindeer. Give him a break this year and order all of your gifts from the RoosterCow Store!


RoosterCow Holiday Gift Guide

There are plenty of comics, graphic novels, zines, books, and music to give this year. Plus gift boxes and t-shirts!

RoosterCow Mascot wearing a Santa hat

Join the 2024 RoosterCow Club

Enroll yourself or a friend/family member in the RoosterCow Club Class of 2024 and get every scheduled RoosterCow zine and comic published next year for just 50 bucks. Also included: • An official RoosterCow Membership Card • Free digital downloads of all 2023 RoosterCow Records releases • Surprise BONUS: buttons, stickers, mini-comics, and more + Free shipping!

Select “2023” from the pull-down menu on the order page and get every RoosterCow Class of 2023 title for $40! FREE shipping!


New From RoosterCow Press

Cities is the companion book to Chris Auman's Maps atlas. This 28-page volume features the skylines of the largest, most beautiful cities in the world, but not this world. Some other one. 28 pages, 4.9" x 6.9" portrait. B&W, full-color glossy cover. Get a free 1-inch “City Skyline” button with your order of Cities!

If you’ve never of heard of folk singer Seedy Jeffries, country star Wilma Tilly, or the music genre of Law Metal, this book is for you. Forgotten Music Masters in an encyclopedia of overlooked and underappreciated music legends. Painstakingly researched by Chris Auman and Deron Grams with illustrations by Chris Auman.

Cassetty Comics is at the printer and should arrive at RoosterCow HQ by the end of this month. Use the link below to be one of the first to receive this 28-page full-color comic book starring your favorite cassette tape.


Give the Gift of Gift Boxes

Hand-decorated gift boxes are great for any occasion. Kids and adults love getting cool stuff in the mail, and if you love frogs, snakes, and turtles, even better!

New in The RoosterCow Store!

Comics & Graphic Novels

James the Stanton's signature whimsical humor dances across the pages of each beautifully illustrated comic vignette, now thoughtfully showcased in a deluxe hardcover edition. (Read the Reglar Wiglar interview with James here.)

Michael Sweater blends '90s animated charm, sitcom humor, and a dash of stoner comedy in this uproarious new comic series. The package includes a cover made of foil cardstock and a sheet of stickers! Limited to 3,000 copies for the 1st Printing, Features a holographic foil cover, cardstock cover, and sticker sheet!

Explore Caroline Cash's contemporary, LGBTQ+ perspective on the '60s underground comic scene in this ongoing series! This edition features a cardstock foil cover and vibrant full-color comics.

Tom Gauld is back with Revenge of the Librarians — his sharpest and most incisive assortment of literary cartoons to date. Impeccably crafted illustrations are interspersed with the artist's characteristic wit, targeting both high and low culture. Whether poking fun at Jane Eyre or Game of Thrones, Gauld navigates the literary landscape with ease.


Boy on Fire is an intensely beautiful, profound, and poetic book exploring of the formative years of the dark prince of rock 'n' roll, Nick Cave. This biography serves as Cave's creation story, depicting the artist first as a boy and then as a young man. Offering deep insights into his family, friends, influences, environment, and, above all, his music, the book unveils the process through which a young Nick Cave molded himself into the extraordinary artist he would later become.

For collectors of R. Crumb's work, the prized possessions include the Heroes of the Blues, Early Jazz Greats, and Pioneers of Country Music trading card sets from the early to mid-1980s. Now, for the first time, these sets are compiled in a book, accompanied by an exclusive 21-track CD curated by Crumb himself. The CD features original recordings by Charley Patton, "Dock" Boggs, "Jelly Roll" Morton, and others. Each musician comes with a biography and a full-color original illustration by the renowned cartoonist.

The Creative Act is music producer Rick Rubin’s enlightening and generous course on the artist's journey. Accessible to all and drawing wisdom from a lifetime of work, this book transforms his insights into an inspiring reading experience.

This collection of interviews includes The Clash's interactions with some of the most brilliant music writers of their time, such as Lester Bangs, Nick Kent, Mikal Gilmore, Chris Salewicz, Charles Shaar Murray, Mick Farren, Kris Needs, and Lenny Kaye.


This book-length issue of Liz Mason's long-running zine Caboose (subtitled "My Canadian Boyfriend") is the result of an adolescent obsession with Canadian rocker Corey Hart ("Sunglasses at Night," "Never Surrender.") Funny, nostalgic, and detailed, fans of Corey Hart specifically, and zines generally, will find a lot to love in this 130-page zine/book.

The Church of the SubGenius is alive and well in the 21st Century as the good Reverend Xenofact can attest. J.R. "Bob" Dobbs would be proud of this 16-page zine that supports the SubGenius Foundation and spreads its message in an effort to save the damn world.

Within this concise and unauthorized zine biography of Pete Shelley and the Buzzcocks, Colin Burrowes employs a blend of personal anecdotes and documented history to acquaint the uninitiated with one of British punk's pivotal figures. Delving beyond the surface, Burrowes examines Shelley's past, notably delving into his queer identity and illustrating how it reverberates and resonates with a myriad of other musicians.

Zinesters Billy McCall and Dave Hankins express their love for the Home Alone movies in zine form. Trading off short essays, the two compare and contrast the films in the franchise and review all the films, video games, and the first film's novelization.

Stocking Stuffers

Cities and Skulls pins, stickers & more!


Items of Apparel

Hot dang! Wear your favorite RoosterCow characters on a tee shirt!

Thank you for reading the RoosterCow Newsletter!

If you're not already a subscriber, SIGN UP today!

Have a happy and safe holiday. Until next year, cock-a-doodle-moo!

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