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RC Quarterly News: Wellness Edition

Welcome to the RoosterCow Quarterly Newsletter Health & Wellness edition.

Winter is tough, in fact, some people say it sucks. Sometimes it sucks in a way that leaves us feeling bummed out. When we’re bumming, it’s hard to find the motivation to exercise and eat right. Failing to do these things affects other areas of our lives, like sleep, for example. When we don’t get enough sleep, some of us get really crabby.

To help you get on track, I’ve compiled a list of 5 ways reading RoosterCow Press Publications improves your physical and mental health, so let’s get to it.

When you’re done reading, keep scrolling to learn about products that help you feel good.

5 Ways Reading RoosterCow Press Publications Improve Health & Wellness

I’m not implying that you should buy RoosterCow publications to improve your health and mental state, I’m saying it explicitly. I won’t bore you with the science behind it, just read the following tips then check out the new RoosterCow titles listed below:

1. Lowers Heart Rate

Reading the RoosterCow Newsletter, as well as the exciting publications detailed therein, is a calming exercise that lowers the heart rate and allows the reader to relax and enjoy a morning cup of coffee.

2. Raises Heart Hate

A serious dose of caffeine increases mental alertness. It also pumps up your heart rate. You may think this contradicts the point made above, but it doesn’t. The takeaway here is that a morning cup of coffee helps you go about your business, which should include some form of exercise.

3. Helps with Weight Loss

Exercise helps you lose weight. Many doctors believe that. So, after you pump yourself up by reading the many fine titles published by RoosterCow Press, you’ll want to get out there and move your arms and legs around, but hopefully not in a way that looks weird.

4. Improves Sleep

Ahh, sleep. There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep! Eating right combined with regular exercise helps us sleep better. Reading before bed also distracts us from the worries of the day and the horrors of tomorrow. There are several RoosterCow publications that have been proven to put people to sleep. Which one will work for you? Try them all!

5. Makes the Brain Better

Reading makes us smarter, especially when we pay attention to the words. Sure, you could read Ulysses, War and Peace, or a big science book, but maybe you should start with a zine or comic first and see how it goes.


5 RoosterCow Products to Help You Get Fit & Stay that Way!

While not based on research, doing the following five things have been rumored to help people enjoy healthier, more active lifestyles:

1. Join the RoosterCow Club

Forget the gym, join the RoosterCow Club for a real workout. Get every scheduled RoosterCow zine and comic published in 2023 for 50 bucks.* Yes, that’s right, for a measly $50 you’ll get a minimum of 6 RoosterCow titles (zines and comics mix). As soon as you join, published titles will be mailed to you with future titles mailed before they go on sale in the RoosterCow Store. You’ll also get: • An official RoosterCow Membership Card • Free digital downloads of all 2023 RoosterCow Records releases • Surprise BONUS: buttons, stickers, mini-comics, and more + Free shipping!

*Excludes gift boxes, reprints, and crowdfunded projects.


2. Read Used Records & Tapes #3

Get a dopamine blast by reading the third issue of this funny and nostalgic look at records of decades past.

This issue features contributions from zinester extraordinaire Liz Mason, author Joshua James Amberson, artist/musician Mike Dixon, screenwriter Marc Basch, actor Matt Champagne, Svengali Benny Bongos, artist Steve Stelling, and me Chris Auman, plus a 2-page comic spread from artist Jesse Reklaw.

Read Dan Kelly’s review of the UR&T series over at Third Coast Review.

Get the UR&T 3-Zine Set

For best results, buy all three issues of Used Records & Tapes and save $5!


3. Order Gray Flag #3

Reading about the antics of a 20-something college student may help you feel better about your own life choices. Gray Flag is a compilation of journal entries I wrote as a part of the Story Workshop Method of Fiction Writing at Columbia College Chicago in the early 90s. GF #3 is now available and all three issues are available individually or as a set (best deal).

Gray Flag 3-Zine Set

For maximum effectiveness, buy all three issues of Gray Flag for the low price of $10.


4. Revisit Reglar Wiglar #22-24

Reading past publications prepares us for the future. Have a better tomorrow today by reading these reprints of Reglar Wiglar #22-#24.

Originally printed on cheap paper by a desktop inkjet printer, these zines have been given a refresh for 2023 with a pro print job. Highlights include my 3-part job history wherein I describe every job I’ve ever had the misfortune of obtaining, plus comics, gags, and plenty of guffaws.

It’s a great way to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of Reglar Wiglar!


5. Listen to the New EP from Empire Smalls

Time + Distance

It’s a medical fact that music soothes the masses and calms savage beasts. The new Time + Distance EP, from the enigmatic trio Empire Smalls, definitely qualifies as music, so give it a listen and let it relax you into oblivion.


RoosterCow Health Supplements

Don’t forget to add these RoosterCow supplements to your daily reading diet.

Steve Stelling's The Air Waves Goodbye.

Sssnakes Case: All 4 of Chris Auman's Sssnakes mini-comics in a box with a snake.

Number 28 of Chris Auman's long-running zine Reglar Wiglar.

RoosterCow Exercise Wear

It’s not exactly exercise wear per se, but you could definitely wear it to work out in.

Popular Designs

If you’re in the area of Wisconsin next month, visit the RoosterCow Press table at Print and Resist Fest in Madison on Saturday, April 22 from 11 am to 5 pm.

Stay well, my friends!

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